With expertise in grant writing, grant evaluation and grant administration, Grant Assistance Services provides professional assistance to improve a grant application’s likelihood of success.

“Will and Cathie are dedicated professionals. Any organization that uses their skills to support their access to grant funds will be more than pleased with the results.”
Alison Hagreen, Former Executive Director Prince George Brain Injured Group


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Simply send an email to yourfriends@grantassistance.ca that includes the following:
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Grant Application Pre-Screening And Evaluation Services

Grant Assistance Services also provides confidential unbiased human conducted independent third party funding application, proposal and submission pre-qualification services.

Our preliminary screening of applications, proposals and submissions insures compliance with program criteria, saving time and money by pre-qualifying applications to insure eligibility, confirm completeness, and evaluate relevance, without tying up employees to perform preliminary adjudication tasks.

Our service reduces staff workload and increases efficiency by streamlining and expediting the funding process, freeing staff to perform other tasks. Please contact us for more information.