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“They’re a highly talented team, whose work is meticulous, and always on schedule. Their performance has always been exemplary, and I’m happy to recommend their services.”

Carol Paetkau
Executive Director
Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association

Selecting organizations for funding to pursue mission-driven outcomes in the community is a big task. Failing to provide funders with the tools that they need to choose wisely can harm the chances of an application’s success.

So, insuring that grant applications are framed to fit specific grant requirements is a legitimate and necessary part of the grant application process. However, it’s only half the process. The other half is clearly defining the value that is provided to the funder and recipients.


Grant Review Services

We evaluate grant applications using our proprietary 50 point checklist to confirm that basic eligibility requirements are met, applications are complete, required supporting documents are included, and the value of the proposed project/service has been clearly defined.  Grant Review Services then provides a clear and easy to understand report with recommendations for improvements to the grant application. All client information is kept strictly confidential.

Grant Application Review Process:

  1. Email us your information with the completed grant application and all supporting documents.
  2. We review the scope of work that’s required, quote our fee for service, and provide an estimated date of completion.
  3. You agree, pay for services, and we get to work for you.
  4. We evaluate the application and documents, then provide a clear and easy to understand report with recommendations for improvements.
  5. You apply our recommendations and submit the grant application to the funder.

(PLEASE NOTE: We do not verify or validate information supplied by clients, provide financial advice, or review extremely complex academic, technical, scientific, or medical grant applications.)

Application Evaluation Services For Funders

Grant Assistance Services also provides confidential unbiased human conducted independent third party funding application, proposal and submission pre-qualification services.

Our preliminary screening of applications, proposals and submissions insures compliance with funding criteria, saving time and money by pre-qualifying applications to insure that they are eligible, complete and relevant.

Our service reduces staff workload and increases efficiency by streamlining and expediting the funding process, freeing staff to perform other tasks. Please contact us for more information.

A mind trap that many successful grant applicants fall victim to is believing that funding agencies will reject any additional/future proposals because the applicant has already received ‘enough’.

The truth is that money follows money.

Previous success in obtaining grants and achieving goals makes an organization even more competitively attractive, and thus more likely to receive additional funding.

A grant proposal must not only inform, but also inspire.
Put our knowledge and skill to work for you!