We've helped community heroes secure millions of dollars of funding that they have been able to use to provide important opportunities and services.

  • Grant Writing Services

    No matter how great a grant application is, there will never be a guarantee of success. However, we've proven that a positive grant application experience translates into an improved chance of a positive result.

    Creating positive grant application experiences is our one and only focus, and it's why we've successfully helped organizations obtain millions of dollars of funding.

    We're a great grant writing choice because we've been involved in all aspects of the grant process for years. We assist with project development, identify potential funders, provide research and create comprehensive grant applications.

    With just one call, we will do it all.

Why Choose Us?

We know how critically important securing program and service funding is to organizations, and how hard obtaining that funding can be to do, so we treat every client's grant application as if it was our own.

"Their efforts helped the (Brain Injury) Alliance obtain $7,000,000.00 in grants from Government from 2015 to 2017."   Carol Paetkau, Treasurer Brain Injury Alliance

» From the applicant's perspective: We are a one stop shop for grant writing services. We do it all, from identifying potential possible funders to creating reports/graphs, supporting documents/research, preparing comprehensive grant applications and providing funders with final reports.

» From the funders perspective: When all of the required information for a grant application is provided to the correct funders in the proper way, it makes their grant application evaluation process so much easier, faster and pleasant.

  • Attention to Details

    Grant details are like pixels in a picture; too few and things are hard to see; too many and it takes too long to see.

  • Experience

    We've helped approve and allocate grant applications, so we know firsthand exactly what funders want to see.

  • Professional Service

    We provide professional assistance with a personal touch, and truly care about the success of our clients.

"The services that Will and Cathie (Grant Application Services) provided were pivotal to the success and growth of the Northern Brain Injury Association (NBIA). They helped us dramatically improve our public profile and raise over $1.5 million dollars to provide critically important services to people living with a brain injury."
Douglas Jones, President of the Northern Brain Injury Association

We have the proven grant application knowledge, skill, and experience that you need to succeed.